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We want our St Alban’s Kids to know church as a place where they have lots of fun, where we can engage them in early teaching and worship, and as a safe, enjoyable environment to form friendships with each other and a relationship with God.
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Sunday Schedule

Register once, so your child can attend any St Alban’s Kids Activities.

StAK and Youth Socials

Once a month we will have an opportunity for the children and youth to see each other for a fun social in their groups in the Hub. You can drop off your Kids / Youth, at the Hub at 11am, for socially distanced games and fun in their groups, and then you can go and join the 11am Service in the Church.

All Age Service

Once a month we will have an All Age Service, live, in the church, and you are welcome to join us too!! We will have a service that is accessible for ALL AGES so that youth, StAK and adults will be invited to sit, and join in the service together! Get the dates in your diaries and make sure you join us in the building. If you’re not able to make it, don't worry, it will be Live Streamed onto our Facebook Page.

Videos Online

In the weeks in-between these, there will still be an online StAK and Youth video, with worship, prayer, fun and challenges.

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