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Love Your Neighbour

Since the start of the pandemic, St Alban’s has partnered with the national Love Your Neighbour scheme, aiming to provide support for those most affected by Covid-19. Since then, volunteers have delivered over 600 food parcels to people in our local community, made countless friendly phone calls, and many new friendships have formed over doorsteps. We’re so thankful for our team of incredible volunteers, who have made deliveries in rain, sun and snow throughout the year! 


We are very grateful to the central Love Your Neighbour team at Holy Trinity Brompton, who have supplied us with food parcels throughout the year. If you’d like to support the ongoing Love Your Neighbour scheme, you can make a donation here


As the final restrictions ease, St Alban’s has made the decision to end the food parcel deliveries. We know that many people are still facing challenging circumstances, and want to help people connect with different local services that can provide more ongoing support.

download our resource guide for local services contact information

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