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The work we do at St Alban’s Fulham is only possible due the time and money kindly offered by you.

Thank you.

To make a gift

Here at St Alban's the staff team and church leadership (PCC) are fully committed to utilising every resource available to us as a church, including fundraising, grant application, rentals and especially the contribution made from the congregation. Financial contribution reflects and follows what is truly valuable to us. We as a church also support the Common Fund, a central pot that enables poorer churches to receive the essential resources they need to minister in the most deprived areas. We hope that everyone own in some way vision and future of the church through their financial contribution.

Regular Giving

We are registered with the Parish Giving Scheme which means that giving couldn’t be easier.

You can also sign up by phone or post: contact for the sign up form


Our parish is St Alban w St Augustine, our parish code is 230623186, and our town is Fulham, London. 

Visit here for more information and FAQs

If you have any further questions or to let us know you have signed up please contact

Please contact Parish Giving directly for an annual tax statement. If you would like a statement of your annual donations made outside of the parish giving scheme for the previous tax year, please email

If you'd like to give via bank transfer, please contact for bank details. 
Give while you Shop

There is also a very easy way to generate money for St Alban’s while you shop online. If you buy something online, a percentage of what you spend will be donated for free to St Alban’s Fulham. It’s a no brainer to get in on this! Click on the logos below to set this up.

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