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Welcome to St Alban’s Fulham, we are so happy you are here. We are a vibrant Anglican church located on the westside of London that has been around since the late 1800's. We’re an active community with the desire to see a great awakening of faith in Jesus in Fulham and beyond. 

Everyone is welcome here at St Alban’s Fulham and our hope is that you feel loved, know that you have a purpose and you don’t have to do life alone. We see this happen as we individually and as a community draw closer in relationship with Jesus, so that our lives are fully transformed.

Our website gives you a snapshot of our community and about what is going on. However, we would love you to experience it yourself.

you are loved

Made in his image, broken, rebellious, and yet Christ died for us. No matter who we are, where we’ve been or how low we’ve sunk, God’s love goes further still (John 3.16; Isaiah 53.6; Romans 5.8). We are rooted and established in His love (Ephesians 3:17).

you have purpose

We have the opportunity to reflect the grace of God to others (Mark 3.14). Because of our relationship with God, we can create purposeful work that is not meaningless and that will last (John 15). We are called into relationship with Jesus, to love God and to love our neighbour.

you are not alone

God intended for us to live in community. This is the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12); this is the family of God (John 1.12). We are to carry each others burdens (Galations 6.2); to serve each other (John 13.35; Mark 10.35). Jesus never leaves us (Matthew 28), he gives us the Holy Spirit but  also ministers to us through the community of God’s people
(Acts 2.42).

Our Values

We Seek to be Christ-centred

We seek to follow Jesus and allow ourselves to be transformed by him in all we are and do. We do this by studying the bible, focussing on prayer, time in God’s presence and lovingly serving those around us. We acknowledge Jesus as central to who we are. We aim to pursue God in all we do and help others pursue him. (Mark 1.17; John 14.6, Gal 2.20) 

We Practice Hospitality

We seek to welcome the other. We aspire to extend welcome with excellence, growing in welcoming both stranger and neighbour so that they may be known and draw closer to God.
(1 Peter 4.9; Matthew 10.40, 22.39; Hebrews 13.16)

We Build Community

We journey together and seek to build community that is reflective of our city. All are welcome. God intended for us to live in authentic community. We have a mandate to place people on the margins of life in family. We are in relationship together to express the beauty of what it means to be a part of the dynamic family of God. (Hebrews 10.25; 1 Corinthians 12.12, Galatians 6.2, John 1.12)

We Are Servant-Hearted

We seek to serve and encourage others, to be aware of the needs of those around us and help carry each other’s burdens. We seek to uplift and enable others to live out a loved and purposeful life. We want to love and serve the community around us. (Mark 9.35, Galatians 5.13, Matthew 20.28; Philippians 2.5-7)

We Seek Justice

As a community, we seek to learn together about how best we can act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with God in all aspects of life. Our view of justice is shaped by God and inspires us to act against injustice in our local and global community. We seek to have open and honest conversations so that we can move forward in vulnerability and boldness in serving our community, city and beyond.
(Micah 6.8, Matthew 12.18; Amos 5.24; Isaiah 1.17)

We Learn Together

We seek to hold safe spaces to learn together; connecting church, community and the culture we live in. God calls us to not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. With our minds and hearts we want to broaden our knowledge of who God is and enter an ever deeper relationship with Jesus. We aim to recognise our mistakes and, in being open and vulnerable with one another, seek to live and work better together, reflecting our Creator God. (Romans 12.2, Philippians 2.12; Proverbs 1.7)

Our Team
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Maya Laurent

Community Pastor

Pat Laurent

Community and Communications Pastor

Ben Nicholls

Youth and Community Worker


Operations Manager

Carolyn Green

Fundraising Manager


In the late 1800’s a corrugated iron mission hunt named
‘St Alban the Martyr’ was established as a hub in the community. This tin shack was made into a permanent building establishing more than 100 years of Christian mission, service and prayer, and stands today in an area that is home to more than 10,000 people.

The church was closed for six years, but with the new plant, was reopened again with a vision to see a great awakening of faith in Jesus transforming Fulham and beyond.

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Alex Noel
Bethany Sikes
Sally Barker
Hazel Mann
Vivienne Lukey

Church Warden

Get in Touch

Ash Pearson

Deanery Synod Rep

Ellie Norris
Lola Eni-Olotu
Maya Laurent
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